Certified Birth Certificates

  • Available at the health department for persons born in the State of Tennessee
  • The fee is $15.00 per copy
  • To purchase a birth certificate
    • Must be person named on certificate
    • Child of the registrant
    • Parent of the registrant, if the parent is named on the certificate
    • Spouse of the registrant
    • Person with legal custody of the registrant or the legal guardian
    • Legal representatives of the registrant, spouse, parents, children or legal guardian


Certified Death Certificates

  • Available for any death occurring in the State of Tennessee.
  • The fee is $15 per copy.
  • To purchase a death certificate
    • You must be an immediate family member, funeral home, or legal representative
    • You will need a copy of your driver’s license if cause of death is required
    • If you are not a family member, you will need documentation of your need for the certificate.